As consultants, we give our clients support when they want to open a new service center, or expand/reorganize an existing service center.

Out of a mere intention, a thoroughly planned project emerges; out of insecure appointees, a goal-oriented and active team develops. 

A collection of figures  fuse together to form a marketing concept.
Out of communication goals, target-specific messages and scripts are formed.
Investment decisions are prepared, hardware and software evaluated and chosen.

We analyze and restructure business processes.

(see the article: A Call Center Goes Live - PDF).

The right people must be acquired and trained for specific tasks, ergonomic workspaces have to be designed and installed.

The QM system is adapted and a service center monitoring system is created.
Last but not least, resistance to change must be overcome and those affected must be transformed into stakeholders.
You have found the right partner in us when your service center needs to open on schedule and function live on the internet from day one.