Human Resources

The best project strategies are fruitless when the skills for implementation are missing. Continually optimizing employee competences means that the value for the customer will be improved. Our core criteria are employee development, employee satisfaction and employee loyalty.

In order to reach these goals, we have instituted a comprehensive internal training program, coaching for support in the workplace and team leaders as permanent consultants for project questions.

Working in an ergonomic environment that has already received an award for being a ‘Model Call Center’, relaxation during breaks with the possibility to power nap in our Silencium...

are investments we make  - so that we can take on our client's highly-demanding projects supported and conducted by a just as highly-motivated team.

Work/Life Balance

Achieving customer satisfaction on a daily basis is only possible with satisfied employees. To this end, we have set up the following guidelines:

  • Working hours for single parents are oriented on the opening hours of child care facilities.
  • Employees with day care or school age children, always have priority when scheduling vacations.
  • For special child care situations, there is the possibility to take unpaid time off.
  • There are diverse part-time work models available.
  • To care for a relative, there is the possibility to take up to 2 years of unpaid time off.
  • When new life circumstances arise that require new work contract adjustments, such as increasing or reducing work time, we will do our best to make this possible.
  • Those who have reached retirement age, but who do not want to return to private life have good chances to continue working.

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