Data Protection

TEMA Marketing has a data protection concept that is a part of our QMH and is regularly audited within the framework of DIN EN ISO  certification.

The Data Protection Supervisor conducts a project-specific internal audit before every project begins. This guarantees TEMA Marketing clients that  customer data, supplier data, employee data and individual data for business purposes will be handled confidentially. A privacy agreement is a part of every contract of cooperation.

Measures to ensure that information is protected are based on access control, the use of error-tolerant systems, the security of the network and systems handling the information, authorization concepts, and log data that makes data traffic with controls on access, data entry, recording, transfer and communication transparent.

Because companies within the framework of outsourcing delegate vital functions to TEMA Marketing, there are safety measures taken to provide protection against accidental data loss or destruction such as  e.g., disk mirroring, archiving in case of damage or loss, backups, over-voltage filters or fulfilling separation requirements.

To make sure that our employees are always of aware of data protection issues, the TEMA Marketing data safety supervisor conducts regular training sessions on these topics. The data safety supervisor works closely with the network administrator and the application administrator on all questions related to data protection.