Mission Statement

What for you is just a topic among many topics, is a key competence for us. Improvement should go hand in hand with cost reduction. You can be sure that - through clearly defined processes that are standardized through ‘Best Practices’ - the economic efficiency of your outsourced business processes will increase. And TEMA does not only optimize performance, it is also concerned about innovation.

If you are looking for spirit in your service-center, bringing satisfaction to your customers, then every dialog solution is a loyality solution (pdf). The special rules that it needs, is what we offer.

Our branch know-how, expertise in communication solutions and experience with using benchmarks will result in your success. This is why we differentiate between ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’ when recruiting employees. Completed vocational training in the branch is obligatory. The pleasure comes through the development of employees into communication specialists by our trainers.

If you are involved in international markets, we have native speakers in 20 languages to support you. With our QM system of continual performance improvement, we are one of the few companies in the dialog marketing branch that has been certified. Since 2003, TEMA holds a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate.