For many years now, our cooperation with globally active companies in tasks like handling telephone calls, providing IT support and answering international hotlines, has prompted TEMA Marketing to expect our team members to be bilingual (German/English). This is considered to be a basic skill, but our customer needs analyses have shown that it is necessary to extend this reach beyond these two basic languages. In order to meet the needs of the current situation, TEMA Marketing works together with our clients to establish a ‘language portfolio’. New trends in recruitment, applicant screening, aptitude tests and leadership methods allow us to put together a team that can cover up to 23 languages within a year. [see the article: Kundenportale grenzenlos erreichbar (PDF)]

International Projects

In the recent years our team of foreign language specialists was able to implement dialog concepts in 39 countries.

Our Language Competence Team helped airlines, machine manufacturers, chemical companies and IT firms to gain highly interesting customer contacts and marketing information which could then be used to develop new strategic directions.

The reporting process was conducted in the specific native language of the country through a Country Manager, as well as translated into English for use in the corporate headquarters.

The success of the Competence Team was, in addition to being guided by expertise and quality communication, due to the fact that the team took into account the national mentality and ethnic characteristics of the company and leadership culture. This was possible because the team leader was able to communicate verbally and in written form, in six languages.