Market Research

Businesses choose the telephone interview as an approach to deal with a diverse range of issues. Most commonly, our interview team uses this survey method to conduct customer satisfaction studies. The fieldwork is supported by professional CATI (computer-assisted telephone interview) technology. This includes:

  • Jump and filtering definitions that the interviewer can navigate
  • Predictive dialing support
  • Plausibility checks during interviews
  • Automatic monitoring to ensure quota plan adherence
  • Compiling contact history and follow-ups into a CRM system
  • Automatic documentation of utilized addresses
  • Data export into SPSS
  • Data export into client’s internal systems
  • Quantitative and qualitative data evaluation 

A comprehensive data protection concept that is audited annually guarantees the interviewee that all information gathered during the interview will be made anonymous after the interview has been completed. Every study is carefully monitored throughout its duration by a data protection supervisor.

All interviewers have permanent contracts and are required to make social security contributions. The successful regular participation in in-house training programs to enhance interview techniques is a compulsory condition of employment as a member of our interview team.

Guidelines for process-oriented quality control for data collection and securing data quality are documented in our Quality Management Manual. Every year, our interview team conducts around 340,000 interviews on behalf of our clients.