After one year of development work, the standard software used for online surveys has been replaced by an in-house development, which, besides its high-performance technical platform, focuses on software ergonomics, accessibility, cognition and work physiology. 


Exchanging data can now be done for each project through an individual WebShare solution. Project results can be made available for download for every customer in a data protected area. This replaces the need to use complicated email attachments as well as CD or FTP transfers.


A team of communication specialists give support to a global solar park developer and will in the coming years take over all customer service functions.


The expert team grows in new disciplinary directions with two newly-created positions:  Data Analyst Market-Research und Social Media IT-Specialist.


Webinars are added to the classic classroom seminar offerings for participants who enjoy eLearning.  Free trial Webinars give everyone who is interested in this form of communication training, a chance to become a "digital student."


The need for scientifically-based CATI Interviews for topics in employment market monitoring leads to a further specialization in the field of Market-Research.


The core competence for telephone patient services is fully audited in accordance with standardized norms (DIN-EN-ISO 9001:2008) by the  German Technical Control Board (TÜV) and receives certification.  [View certificate as PDF]

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