Individual callback management solutions are implemented in compliance with §66j of the Telecommunications Law regarding call number transmission.  In response to measurement results from diverse studies, high performance technical concepts and personal pickup concepts are put into practice. 


The demand for providing support in foreign markets evolves rapidly. Customer requirements amounts to 26 languages in 39 countries.


TEMA Marketing combines its pharmaceutical experience in medical studies with the intense experience of meeting the needs of public institutions. The result is  excellent expertise in the area of patient communication in medical centers with the establishment and development of patient callback services for large clinics. TEMA Marketing builds new core competences in reducing costs while optimizing service and project support ranging from providing decentralized solutions for specialized clinics to implementing centralized clinical solutions for hospitals. 


Full audit certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008

Areas of certification:


The topics of globalization and  "international project management" are experienced directly by customers through an   independent Competence Team with 18 native speakers hired for this purpose. International firms withdraw projects from foreign agents to ensure uniform quality standards and service their foreign markets through TEMA Marketing.

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