The business unit, Call-Center-Services takes over the telephone switchboard service as an outsourced in-house solution for a global chemical company - a benchmark for large international corporations.

Within two years, the corporation has taken first place in branch rankings measuring professionalism and friendliness.



Conception and implementation of a 6-month full-time retraining course to become a qualified telephonist in cooperation with unemployment agencies and TÜV academies. Within a few years, over a 1,000 participants were integrated into the employment market. 


The Rheinland-Palatinate Ministry for Employment and Social Affairs opens a  Model Call-Center in the Kaiserslautern branch office that set a branch standard for aspects such as workplace design, ergonomics, light, acoustics, IT technology, CRM platform. [Article as PDF]


Public institutions orient themselves on the success of internal company service centers and contract TEMA Marketing to develop a concept for and implement FO information centers -  to directly answer citizens questions concerning Child and Family Services, unemployment benefits (ALG I+II), job search, and job change.  TEMA Marketing opens Info Centers in Saarbrücken, Saarlouis, Neunkirchen, Pirmasens, Bad Kreuznach and Landau.

 [Article 1 as PDF] [Article 2 as PDF]


Together with TEMA Marketing, companies install internal service centers for front and back office solutions. Sites are then set up in Reutlingen, Cologne, Mainz, Baden-Baden und Ludwigshafen. Around 90 employees nation-wide work  directly on site for our clients and practice Customer-Excellence.

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