Mystery Calls

Companies want to know how they are being perceived in the market.

This knowledge is needed for assessing branch benchmarks or for use within the parameters of internal QM systems.

Mystery Calling is the first choice when it comes to evaluating communicative service quality.

To measure how customer service levels are being perceived, scenarios are defined that include all dimensions that reflect service quality.

The goal of quality monitoring is to check on the friendliness, competence, knowledge and technical support of the service. In addition, factors like reliability, flexibility, accessibility, politeness, understandability, security, willingness to serve and empathetic response are also assessed.

TEMA Marketing has a team of specialists who have been trained expressly for this purpose and have had extensive experience as quality callers – making over 50,000 mystery calls a year. The calls are then evaluated with a special analysis instrument and are provided to the client as part of the Management Summary.