Quality Management at TEMA Marketing

Quality Management at TEMA Marketing TEMA Marketing works with premium national partners. Many of them have have global business operations or have their headquarters outside of Europe.

Therefore, only internationally recognized certification could be considered. With DIN (national), EN (European) and ISO (international) – we can speak a standard language about quality with our clients. This also makes it easier to understand each other on a national and international level.

The strategic decision to introduce a process-oriented management system assures the client of continual performance improvement, customer-orientation in each phase of a project, a professional feedback system measuring customer satisfaction, project implementation within legal guidelines and cooperation with a stable service provider.

In addition to the business field of Dialog-Solutions, the areas of Management Consulting and Training / Development underwent full audits that were independently conducted. TEMA Marketing wanted to be able to prove Best Excellence status for the areas of Consulting und Training as well, because it is only on this basis that we can help other businesses to achieve Best Excellence in their respective markets.

The special conditions of the market for our partners operating in the fields of medicine, pharma and patient services, made it necessary to attain DIN-EN-ISO Certification in 2010 for Medical Information Center (MIC) in order to provide them with additional assurance of specialization in a branch segment.