TEMA Teams

Our communications specialists working in diverse competence teams: language teams, employment market specialists, commercial computer scientists, electronic media support, automotive experts, health care experts, software consultants, publishing professionals, health insurance specialist teams, product specialists for technical products, telephone receptionists and switchboard operators, front and back office workers.

Because of the their own unique biographies, our team leaders and project managers speak the language of our clients. Competence in communication goes hand in hand with competence in a particular field, especially because our clients expect us to optimally represent them in their respective markets.

Team leaders guarantee professional project handling and management. Team leaders are able to turn to our Training/Development and Consulting units to support them with specific facets of a project. Quality and a comprehensive approach to consultancy is ensured through eight trainers and five consultants whose level of higher education and long years of practical experience can provide every client with support throughout every new development and change process.