Telephone Centers

Telephone Service Support Businesses looking for a professional solution for switchboard support usually consider two directions:

In these tasks,TEMA Marketing can lend support with premium service providers who have been ranked in independent comparison tests - all of them have placed in the top 3 or have even reached benchmark status. The teams work on site at our client’s locations, as well as working in our own service center which is equipped with state-of-the-art InBound technology.

Telephone switchboards act as front office units today. Therefore, they have to be able to handle a diverse range of topics. Solid English language skills are just as basic to the job as the expert handling of data bases and ticketing systems.

Because these requirements are so demanding, only trained communication specialists can guarantee that a business obtains the desired results.

The centralized telephone switchboard has developed into a customer center in all of the projects that we have been involved with. It is a central entry portal for customers and an indicator of how professional the service orientation of the company actually is.