Training / Development

Since 1985, TEMA has also stood for Teach Marketing. Companies choose us when they are looking for a highly-specialized partner that is well versed in all communication issues dealing with customer and service orientation.

Their goal is to develop a corporate communication for all employees who are exposed to areas where they must represent the firm through communication.

Service philosophies do not function through assenting nods – they must be brought to life. Customers have to feel it. To do this, it is necessary to change the way of thinking, change how one presents oneself, and most of all, to change the way of speaking.

Companies are aware of the enormous effects that friendliness, an ambient tone, helpfulness, solution-orientation, appreciation and a quick response to customers’ needs have on their competitive edge.

Existing customers are continually reassured that they are working with the right company. New customers feel positively integrated into a culture that attracts more intensive customer ties.

Communicative credibility in the public arena can only be fostered when a corresponding corporate culture exists within a company.

To this end, TEMA offers training programs for communication interactions in both worlds: internally between employees and departments and externally in the presentation on the market. 

At TEMA, communication training courses have always had the goals of creating a perceivable competitive market presence and supporting the continual success of  our clients' business.

All courses for language teams can be booked with two trainers that can team teach in English/German, French/German and Spanish/German.